Internet Marketing

Getting eyes on your content or product is the key to turning your website into a successful business tool. Internet Marketing is, by far, the most cost-effective way to accomplish this.

Your potential customers are smarter than ever. You have to level with them and sometimes provide them with a platform. They are jaded by traditional marketing campaigns and consider them to be SPAM. Let’s face it, what do you do when you receive a direct mail piece? Pour over it with rapt interest or add it to the recycling bin? What do you do when a commercial airs in the middle of your favorite movie or show? Bask in the blue glow or go make a sandwich?

Traditional mass media marketing campaigns are still a viable means of getting your message across, but with what is considered a successful response rate of 1%, you have to spend significant bucks to make back your investment. Internet Marketing costs a fraction of a traditional marketing campaign, but more importantly, allows people to easily ‘discover’ you, which is by far the most effective marketing you can do. It’s easy to track visitors, their habits, what keywords they used to find you and an almost unlimited number of metrics indicating trends in your business.

In addition to achieving increased traffic and sales, discretion and confidentiality are central to the business philosophy at 3Rings Media. While the cases we share here are real in all aspects, the client names have been intentionally omitted out of respect for this trust and confidentiality. Please review examples of these real-life cases by clicking on the Internet Marketing category to the right –>.

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