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An example of bad usability design

What is the best way to highly engage our client’s customers?

Whether we are writing a script for an educational or commercial video, producing a Google Business View Virtual Tour, wire-framing an interactive experience or directing a 3D visualization for one of our architect clients, everything we do at 3Rings Media is done with that single question in mind.

We first put ourselves in the shoes of the end user. With input from our clients we identify the audience, then design a user experience which will engage them emotionally.

Unfortunately, too many interactive agencies begin the process of building an experience by determining what technology to use to achieve technical goals. The design and user experience become an afterthought, and are forced to fit in around the technology.


Why? Well it’s nice to think that the user experience you spent days/weeks/months designing will have a positive impact on and/or make life easier for whoever will be using it. But there are also some interesting statistics which prove that it is profitable to have a great user experience.

Studies have shown that a Great User Experience will encourage people to:

  • Buy More – 15% more
  • Return More – 27% more
  • Tell others about the experience – 17%

Imagine that. A quality user experience that actually results in an increase to the client’s ROI?

When identifying the audience, some questions to ask are:

  • Who is the audience?
  • Will the audience be purchasing product online? If so, what type of products will they be purchasing?
  • Will the experience you are designing be viewed through a browser on a laptop or desktop computer, hand-held device, flat-screen TV…?
  • What are the business goals of your client?

The technology doesn’t lead our direction. The User Experience does. When you start with the purpose of creating a superior User Experience, everything else will fall into line.

You can see this in everything we do by visiting the departments below:

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