Get Fit – Tools and Strategies for Successful Long-Term Weight Loss

Get Fit – Tools and Strategies for Successful Long-Term Weight Loss

March 11, 2015
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Weight management plays a key role in diabetes management as well as maintaining overall good health, and as such, it is a key driver in patient education sessions. In addition to the didactic portion, this CE program also contains several case studies which feature the use of tools to help patients both lose excessive weight, as well as those to assist with general health and weight maintenance.

This program was also accredited for PAs, NPs, RNs, RDs, and RPhs, and features Renee Ahrens Thomas, Pharm.D, MBA, Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice, Shenandoah University, as the speaker.

Due to budget constraints, this CE was presented live to numerous groups across the country simultaneously, using DVD technology, in which DVDs were used to host and extend the reach of educational programming. This economical technology allowed for interactive, group CE discussions, which were facilitated by a local thought leader, who paused the DVD, to allow a dialogue regarding the questions posed by the speaker. Once the discussion concluded, the audience then compared and contrasted their responses and recommendations with the Subject Matter Expert.

Additionally, this DVD showcases high-quality video, which allows the participants to learn how to use several health care devices, including heart rate monitors and other weight management tools. By providing the participants with a visual demonstration of these tools, they are better prepared to educate and assist patients with their weight management and health goals.

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