A Global Media Database Corporation

A Global Media Database Corporation

March 25, 2014
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Global_Media_Database_CompaThe Challenge

A global media database corporation sought to increase subscription sales for their database and mailing services. 3Rings Media was retained to help increase the volume of traffic to their web site to ultimately achieve this goal.

The Method

After initial consultation and analysis of the site, we suggested that a combination of SEO and PPC would offer the best results for this company’s individual needs. As well as implementing various search engine optimization improvements to their site, our efforts mainly focused on devising an extensive PPC campaign relating to the services they offer in the public relations industry. The first step was to identify keywords relating to the public relations services. We then consulted with the client to pinpoint keywords that met with their concerns, and were especially important to their business. After this initial consultation we created a widespread search engine marketing campaign. Our involvement continued monthly by monitoring the campaign in order to assess the effectiveness of the keywords chosen, and improving the selection of keywords as the client’s page rank and revenue continued to rise.


After running the PPC campaign for one month, the number of new visitors directed to the client’s web site nearly doubled, climbing from 560 per month to 1001 per month. In general, the number of visits from organic search jumped from 791 per month to 1253 per month—an increase of 58%. In addition, the number of visitors to the client’s web site each month increased 28% during the first three months after the site was optimized from approximately 9631 per month to a remarkable 12,331 per month. In just the first month, the ad listings placed on Google and Yahoo! Received over 220,000 impressions and 762 clicks (a 2.9% click-through rate). This increased dramatically the following month with the ads yielding a total of over 453,000 impressions and 1345 clicks (a 3.4% click-through rate). The comprehensive PPC campaign that was devised for our client was highly effective in attracting new business to their web site.

[In addition to achieving increased traffic and sales, discretion and confidentiality are central to the business philosophy at 3Rings Media. While the cases we share here are real in all aspects, the client names have been intentionally omitted out of respect for this trust and confidentiality.]

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