A Best Selling Author

A Best Selling Author

March 24, 2015
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Best-Selling-AuthorThe Challenge

In March our client, a New York Times best selling author, released a new book. It started off well, reaching a high position of #14 on the Barnes and Noble Sales Ranking. However, after six weeks of being on the New York Times bestseller list, the book had dropped to a position of #455 in Barnes & Noble Sales Ranking. 3Rings Media’s specialists were retained to boost sales of the book, particularly through the Barnes and Noble web site.

The Method

After an initial review of the situation, it was decided that immediate results were necessary, so efforts became focused exclusively on devising a comprehensive PPC campaign relating to the subject of the book. The 3Rings Media brand of thoughtful analysis provided a low cost, high yield list of related key terms, which were bid on at both Google and Yahoo!


Two days after beginning the campaign, sales of the book had climbed steadily upward. At the end of the second day it had rebounded to a position of # 105 on the Barnes & Noble Sales Ranking. While this campaign, based exclusively on PPC, was very effective in its goal of immediate results, for optimal results and long-term benefits, 3Rings Media recommends a combination of SEO and SEM where possible.


Since beginning our SEO and PPC campaigns with this client, 3Rings has implemented various strategies that have resulted in the number of Unique Monthly Visitors to the author’s website increasing over threefold from 1,600 to > 5,000 today.

[In addition to achieving increased traffic and sales, discretion and confidentiality are central to the business philosophy at 3Rings Media. While the cases we share here are real in all aspects, the client names have been intentionally omitted out of respect for this trust and confidentiality.]

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