3Rings Media Produces Live and On-Demand Continuing Education Programs and Events for a variety of professionals, including clinicians. We also design education for specific patient groups, as well as the general public. Visit the Healthcare and Interactive Categories in our Recent Projects Gallery.
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Getting eyes on your content or product is the key to turning your website into a successful business tool. Internet Marketing is, by far, the most cost-effective way to accomplish this. Your potential customers are smarter than ever. You have to level with them and sometimes provide them with a platform. They are jaded by traditional marketing […]
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Whether You Run a Restaurant, Event Venue, Museum, Law Firm, Landmark or are trying to Sell A Home, Google Street View Virtual Tours provide your potential customers with the ability to “See Inside” before converting. Be sure to have a look at some our Google Business View Greatest Hits under the Google Business View Virtual […]
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From Aerial Video Production for Real Estate to Public Service Announcements for Non-Profits, our experience is extensive. 3Rings has produced: Continuing Medical Education Live & Distance Education programs, Visual Effects for documentary films, smaller budget local cable spots, 2D animated children’s programming, 3D animated openings and photo-visualization for architectural firms proposing major improvements in construction. […]
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One example of effective engagement is Peter’s Vein-To-Vein Game – a fun game created by 3Rings Media to ‘edu-tain’ children with immune deficiencies, and their parents, about plasma-derived medication. This was part of a larger interactive initiative to demonstrate the high level of safety and quality that the manufacturer took when developing their products. See […]
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3Rings Media is a Full-Service Media & Internet Marketing Agency Based in New York

We produce engaging, interactive experiences (such as video, animation, websites, virtual tours, and other forms of media), which allow our clients to stay in touch with their customers longer, and provide SEO/PPC services to drive new customers to those experiences.

Our typical client is a firm or individual who needs to:
  • Find new clients/customers
  • Increase client retention
  • Shorten their sales cycle
  • Drive traffic to their website

3Rings Media has offices in New York and Washington, D.C.

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